Promised Land

Promised Land is an illustrated LGBT-themed fantasy children’s picture book written by Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris and co-illustrated by Bo Moore and Christine Luiten. After the initial successful Kickstarter campaign, I was invited to work on the background and environment illustrations.

The story follows Leo, a young prince of a far-away kingdom, and the farm boy Jack he meets one day in the woods. They grow up together as friendship blossoms into love, but evil is afoot. The Queen is bewitched, and the kingdom is falling under someone else’s control…

Promised Land gained global media attention through a successful Kickstarter campaign to cover the cost of illustration, design and printing of the first edition. For more information or to place an order, visit the website. It is also available in Spanish, Spanish for Latin America and Brazilian Portuguese, as well as in audiobook and ebook formats.


A tapestry hanging on the wall of the castle illustrates a queen defending her forest against invaders. (Sketch by Christine Luiten, line and colour by Bo Moore)


There’s a hidden insect on every page – find them all! (Background illustration by Bo Moore, sans characters and text)


On the edges of the forest, something unpleasant is about to unfold… (Background illustration by Bo Moore, sans characters and text)


Our protagonists grow up together. (Background illustration by Bo Moore, characters by Christine Luiten)

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