Night Fires in the Distance – Cover Illustration

I illustrated the cover for Sarah Goodwin’s Night Fires in the Distance, a dramatic LGBT western set in 1850’s Kansas. You can purchase the book on Amazon or check it out on Goodreads, and a hard copy will be available soon.

From the author’s website:

Laura and her husband William Deene have come a long way, from England to Ohio to Indian Territory. With their farm failing and Laura expecting her fourth child, their relationship begins to disintegrate and with another cruel winter coming on, Will’s mistrustful and violent nature becomes more apparent.

Laura finds relief in the arms of their new neighbour, a young man of wealthy providence setting up as a lone homesteader; James Clappe. Attracted to Clappe’s youth, kindness and naiveté, Laura struggles to maintain her stoic tolerance of the hard prairie life she has endured for so long.

Clappe is not all he seems however. Beneath worn clothes and layers of dirt, is a young socialite fleeing her husband, brought to the prairie by fear and grief. The last thing on earth she expects, is to fall for a lonely prairie wife almost double her age – but it could be the thing that saves her.

night fires_front.jpg

Front cover.



Full cover jacket sans text.

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