Second Time Lucky – Book Cover

A highschool teacher discovers that a local big-shot politician actually has a horrible past full of terrible deeds, so he decides to shoot him in the head. He’s not linked to the case and no one suspects him. It looks like he got away with murder.

And then the ghost of the dead man begins to follow him around. Put the gun in the sunlight, it says. Bring me back to life, you asshole. I can’t believe you tried to kill me. 

He tries to ignore this. He tries not to make eye contact or listen or speak to it, but when it starts trying to possess his body, he can’t help but do what it says. After all, he reasons, this is just in my head. Maybe this is just what getting closure is like.

But what grows, inexplicably, from the gun on his kitchen table is not quite the man he killed. Indeed, it’s not even human.

I wanted to illustrate a (fake) book cover for one of the story ideas that my partner and I are coming up with every few days, so here’s “I shot a horrible man but it turns out the devil was possessing that man because that’s what the devil does, possess evil people and live a weird hedonistic life with their body in what the newspapers think is a drawn-out nervous breakdown, and now I’m in trouble but also it’s a rom-com”. I love doing work like this, whether for clients or just for myself, so this is all in good fun.

adi corpse colour

Full colour.

adi corpse bw



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