Poster Designs for InsideOUT

Since 2015, I’ve been volunteering my design skills to InsideOUT, a non-profit group that supports LGBT+ youth in New Zealand, as a way to give back to the community. These posters were designed for events hosted to support LGBT+ youth.

paper rainbows_poster.png

Paper Rainbows, 2015

insideout_shift hui

Shift Hui, 2016 (Version 1)

insideout_shift hui_whanganui

Shift Hui Whanganui, 2016 (Version 2)

vegan fundraiser dinner poster.jpg

Vegan Fundraiser Dinner poster, 2016


Vegan Fundraiser Dinner menu, 2016


Vegan Fundraiser Dinner Facebook header, 2016

fantasy forest.jpg

Fantasy Forest Youth Ball, 2017

fantasy forest banner2

Fantasy Forest Facebook header, 2017

shift hui 2017.jpg

Shift Hui poster, 2017

shift 2017 banner fb

Shift Facebook header, 2017



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