Concept design for the “Concept for Korea” competition run by Weta Workshop. The prompt was “An astronaut discovers a worm hole that takes him to a mirror earth where everything in this alternate planet is a stranger and more wonderfully crazy version of what there is on our own planet, Earth.
In my design I wanted to take the idea of kids playing in ruins and place it in a post-alien-invasion context, so you have these teens making a fort amongst the old half-broken wreckage and playing chicken with portals that have been left open and pieces of spaceship hulls. It’s looking at the way things are so easily normalized and removed from their original purposes through integration into play. And the astronaut has come across this shortly after a wormhole landed him on this strange new Earth, and he gets this piecemeal explanation of how the world is changed from these resilient cheerful kids who just want to have fun in the aftermath of something terrible.
portal_cropsmall2 portal_cropsmall3 portal_cropsmall4

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