The Animal Women

the animal women

The Animal Women, a commissioned illustration of the short story The Animal Women, written by Alix E. Harrow and published in the Jan. 2015 edition of Strange Horizons.

They came, five of them, from the deepest black places in the woods. They were too far away for Candis to see them clearly, but she thought their flesh roiled strangely and their hair ran roughly down their backs. They moved crouched and muscled, light and fluttering, neat-footed. They were the shape of teeth and fur and wild things slinking at the ragged margins of the world.

Real sunlight emerged and the frosted grasses breathed steam. The figures in the woods stepped into the light and then they were only five women after all. They stood in a rough line, naked, their eyes fixed on Candis and her plastic camera. She pushed the button.